In the beginning, the watches were only available in private placement, with precious clients and friends around the globe.

After this worthwile phase of testing and exploring various watch manufacturing and marketing ways and producing the first few watches, it was decided to go public, with custom-designed mechanical watches by Ludwig Stahl International.

Brand Story

We could tell you the following brand story.
The story of a German child, who grew up in the tense netting between carefree pampered upperclass-lifestyle and the naked reality of rough-tough ghetto life.
As plenty of his partners in misery, he was always more attracted to the side of vice and freedom when he was young. So he took off and browsed the planet, moneyless, accepting all kind of jobs: USA, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Brasil, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sweden, England, Italy - just a couple of the stages on his personal odyssey.
But even in the darkest corners of a honkey-tonk in Chicago or a pompous bar in Hong Kong he could not deny his creative urge. He felt something was missing. His longing for beauty thirsted for satisfaction. As many others, he was dreaming of Kobe Beef instead of Enchiladas, Cognac instead of Cachaca and models instead of...
So he recollected his qualities...his distinct touch for style, his manual skill and his very special faible, that he "inherited" from his grandfather: his faible for mechanical products. Ludwig Stahl International was born.
As mentioned, we could tell you this story. But we don't.
Instead we better tell you what Ludwig Stahl International stands for: premium quality, detail-loving, retro-modern mechanical watches. All watches are designed and assembled in Germany, with most single parts produced in Germany or Germanys equisite neighbour-country Switzerland.

Every single Ludwig Stahl International watch is a strictly limited edition time piece.

Ludwig Stahl International - Retro-Modern Limited Edition Mechanical Watches.


Team Behind

The team behind Ludwig Stahl is a small team of professionals with international background.


The roots descend from global marketing and brand operators as well as from one of the oldest watchmaking families in Germany.



Ludwig Stahl International